Opening Ceremony & Keynote: Cornerstones of Leadership: On and Off the Fireground

Join us for an inspiring keynote presentation by Chief Frank Leeb as he shares the invaluable principles that have shaped his leadership during a remarkable four-decade journey in the fire service. With a wealth of experience rising through the ranks of the FDNY, Chief Leeb unveils the cornerstone principles that have not only defined his leadership philosophy but have also formed the bedrock of his transformative book, "Cornerstones of Leadership, Training, Teamwork, and Mentorship - On and Off the Fireground." Discover the secrets behind building trust within teams, empowering team members, and fostering effective communication. Chief Leeb will share real-world examples of camaraderie and morale-building, emphasizing how positive relationships contribute to overall team success. Moreover, Chief Leeb will discuss the vital aspects of mentorship and personal development, stressing the importance of leading by example and creating a culture of continuous learning. Learn how these principles can not only enhance individual growth but also contribute to the advancement of entire organizations. In addition, Chief Leeb will delve into the core principles that have guided him through the dynamic and demanding emergency response landscape. From adaptability and effective communication to decision-making under pressure, Chief Leeb will illustrate how these principles are not confined to the fire service alone but are universally applicable to any occupation or industry seeking self-improvement and organizational advancement. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Chief Leeb's leadership journey and discover how these cornerstones can elevate your own leadership and contribute to the advancement of you and your organization.

Frank Leeb
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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